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Your Second Visit to Our Goffstown Practice

Patients getting an adjustment.

No matter the condition of your spine, there is usually something we can do to help you.

This visit allows us to review the important aspects of your condition as well as offer you a chance to ask any questions you may have. We want you to fully understand your condition, your specific plan of treatment and how long it’s going to take to accomplish this.

Most patients receive their first adjustment on their second visit, although certain circumstances may permit us to adjust you on your first visit.

This second visit typically lasts fifteen to twenty minutes and hopefully when we are finished you will begin to notice some improvement in your condition.

Informed Consent to Receive Chiropractic Care

As our patient, we want you to be informed of all aspects of your care. While we want you to be aware of all the positives that can result from your chiropractic care, we want you to know that occasionally there are some side effects that can result from an adjustment.

Prior to your first adjustment, we will review some of the more common possible side effects of care with you and give you a chance to ask any questions that may arise. We will then ask you to review and sign an Informed consent for care form. Please take some time before your first adjustment to review this form. Feel free to print it out and bring it with you to your visit.

What to Expect During Your Chiropractic Adjustment

The most common type of adjustment involves the doctor’s hands manipulating parts of your body. Another type commonly used includes use of the Drop Table, where a section of the table is lifted up and drops with a slight noise when the doctor pushes on your spine. A third is an Activator adjustment which utilizes a small, hand-held, spring-loaded instrument that focuses a force at a certain location. Since adjustments all contact your skin, there may be some residual tenderness.

An adjustment is usually not uncomfortable even though you may hear some popping or cracking noises when it is made. Simply put, this is a pressure release of the gasses that build up in a “stuck” joint. There are, however, some occasions when there may be some discomfort, as when there is muscle spasm or inflammation around the area being adjusted. Your doctor will take great care to minimize this occurrence.

Some patients prefer an adjustment that does not produce a popping or cracking noise. If you prefer this type of adjustment, please let the doctor know and he or she will customize your treatment in this regard. Also, if you know you respond well when a specific adjusting technique is used, please let the doctor know in advance.

Our tables are adjustable to suit your comfort needs. They raise and lower for the patient’s and doctor’s comfort. They even stand on end to accommodate patients whose condition limits their ability to sit and lie down. A table can also accommodate pregnant patients, allowing them to lie face down for an adjustment throughout their pregnancy.

Depending on the complexity of your condition, your doctor may include other treatment modalities before or after your adjustment. Examples include heat and ice packs, spinal traction table, inversion table, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound.

For more information regarding what to expect What to expect during adjustment

Preparing for Your Chiropractic Adjustment

In order to maximize the time spent at our office we ask that once you have been escorted to an adjusting room you prepare for your treatment by doing the following:

  • Please remove your shoes. This will keep the table clean of dirt and moisture since the doctor may be adjusting your feet and ankles.
  • Please remove your coat and any other bulky items such as heavy sweaters or sweatshirts. This makes palpation of your spine easier.
  • Please take off your belt, necklace and earrings. Your jewelry may interfere with the doctor’s treatment. It may also get caught on the table.
  • Your adjustment will begin with you lying on your stomach. Please let the doctor know if there are any concerns with your body positioning on the table and he or she will gladly accommodate you.

Questions? Concerns? Give Goffstown Chiropractic Care, PLLC a call now and put your mind at ease.