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About Goffstown Chiropractic Care, PLLC

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A Results-Based Practice

At Goffstown Chiropractic Care, PLLC, we have a three-part mission to help you achieve the health results you’ve been looking for:

  1. Provide each patient with comprehensive chiropractic care tailored to their specific condition and goals
  2. Deliver this care in a timely, professional and affordable manner
  3. Encourage our patients to get involved in their care so they understand what brought them to this point, and what they need to do to get well and stay well

Our team is friendly and personable, treating you like family. We take the time to get to know you and what you like to do in life, rather than just focusing on your symptoms. Helping you achieve the results you’re looking for is our goal—and our reward.

Offering Hope and Help

We help people where other healthcare professionals have failed because we take the time to understand the underlying situation and correct it. One of our favorite examples is a man who had been receiving chiropractic care elsewhere for more than ten years, where they simply maintained the status quo of his condition. Finally, he was referred to us by a friend who had gotten incredible results with us. The man grudgingly agreed to give us a try, and we were able to eliminate the issue that had plagued him for many years.

We have the skill and experience to find the cause of your condition and restore proper function to your body so it can heal. We’ll do everything we can to help you in a respectful, courteous and professional manner. If you’re not a good candidate for chiropractic care, we’ll refer you to someone else for help.

Get Started Today

We want you to get the care you need to get well and stay well, so we make it as easy for you as possible! When we opened this practice in 2001, we conveniently located it in Goffstown on a main thoroughfare to get to Manchester. And we are in-network with most insurance plans. Contact us today to get started with your individualized care plan.

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